Energiser Desk Yoga

These energiser sessions are designed to re-vitalise your team as well as provide a new experience. Whilst we are serious about the key messages, take away information and tools learnt, the presentation will be conducted in a fun, relaxed and interactive format.

These are customised to your group and presented in a non-intimidating environment.

This program can be a great step in the introduction of Yoga and its benefits, with a normal class sometimes being too daunting.


REDUCE stress and muscle tension, CLEAR your mind, RELIEVE neck and back pain. This is an interactive and functional workshop for your team

Key Target Areas

• Postural and Core stability exercises
• Neck and shoulder release
• Flexibility
• Relaxation

Group Size

6 - 20


60 minutes
This can be lengthened or shorted depending on requirements

Program Structure

20 minutes seated presentation – delivery of tools and take away menu.

30 minutes mat practical – taking to the floor to enjoy and learn some new techniques as apart of the educational process.

10 minutes - relaxation

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